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KNOG Video Contest “No Ordinary Night” Behind The Scenes Story

We got involved into a project that’s called “NO ORDINARY NIGHT” by Knog and it is a video contest with a prize fund of 15000 USD. The deadline is on it’s way so we had to get started. This is a photo behind the scenes story of our second filming night. First night was just […]

Minidrome Riga 2015

Riga is all about them bikes. Last week especially since it was the Riga Bicycle Week 2015 organised by enthusiasts of cycling and other cool people. Minidrome was another spectacular event last week. It was held outside at Monsterpark. Pretty crowded i must say. Maybe not the biggest amount of participants but no doubt one of the […]

Heavy Goldsprint Recap

Due to the Riga Bicycle Week 2015 we had the honour to organise Gold-Sprint event in our dear Shop/Cafe “Brūklene”.  The event itself gathered a lot of pretty advanced hardcore riders from different biking scenes. Ladies pushing the limit Alsbergs VS Alsbergs The Brothers Challange Kristaps pushing the face to the max Nice shoes ;) NAKED […]

My shades – my life, my life – my kaif

Guys talking…. A: “What do you need to go really fast?” T: “Like what do you mean fast? Like fast fast?” A: “Yeah fast fast like really fast.” T: “I don’t know, maybe couple of pairs of some badass OAKLEY shades would be cool.” After couple of days…….. PHOTO: ARTURS PAVLOVS

Minidrome Utrecht 2015

Minidrome race in Utrecht was a pretty intense competition. Toms Alsbergs said maybe be the hardest one as well. With no surprises Toms did again what he does best. #1 is the number Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull Content Pool Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull Content Pool Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull Content Pool Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull Content Pool Photo: Jarno Schurgers/Red […]

Tour de Torch 2014 in pictures

Lāčplēsis Day (Latvian: Lāčplēša Diena) is celebrated on November 11. On this date, Latvians commemorate not the end of World War I in 1918 (as in many other countries), but the victory over theBermontians at the battle of Riga the following year. Due to this Tru Fix Kru already for the third year hosts an event called Tour de Torch. […]

Ērenpreiss Yardsale 2014

Fun fun fun it ‘s all about fun and that’s what’s happening in average place in an average yard on an avarage day. Ērenpreiss turned this place totally upside down. A presentation of two Latvian historic but nowadays built bikes was the reason of gathering. Boss is on the right Hi Toms Ērenpreiss Sprīdeats Openbikes Cops having […]