Red Bull Tru Fix

New fixed gear race Red Bull Tru Fix got Riga totally fixed On a sunny Saturday of 26th of May in Riga where Kronvalda park was transformed to a totally new format fixed gear race track, Janis Slics from Latvia proved to be the best out of 70 riders and first ever winner of Red Bull Tru Fix. He registered for the race as the last and with a borrowed bike, but the talent and previous BMX riding experience made its way on the surface and he went home with the main prize – a custom made fixed gear bike frame in yellow, provided by Miit – local event supporters and bicycle service company.

Also the blue Miit frame found its owner in a person of Greg Falski from UK, who participates in a lot of fixed gear events around the globe and also runs his own magazine “Stoked on Fixed bikes”. The red frame went for the third place and will not be transformed into a new fix bike in the garage of a Latvian rider Reinis Simanovskis. Janis was tired but happy after the race, where he had to do the 1km long track several times – twice for the qualification rounds, where the fastest 32 riders where chosen and then 3 more times in the heats by four, where fastest two moved in the next heat, each time eliminating the slowest two riders. “I arrived so late in the morning for the registration, because I like to sleep, but I guess the talent showed itself. I am riding a fixed gear bike for a round a year, but earlier I trained on a BMX. On everyday basis I am more driving a car than riding a bike because of my job. I don’t even have own a bike now, but as I won the frame today I will definitely build my fixed gear bike.” Linda Jakubone was the winner of the female race, the fastest of the four brave Latvian ladies, who participated in the race and had their own final after participating in the common qualification round with the guys. The second place went to Marika Arro and the third to Sintija Ernstreite. All the ladies got some nice prizes from the event supporters Burusports, Gandrs and Bang Bang shop. The winner of several Red Bull Mini Drome competitions Toms Alsbergs and his colleagues from the Tru Fix Kru, who made the whole event idea and realization happen, were just very happy about the first ever Red Bull Tru Fix and are ready to come back with more for the next year. Toms said, “Everything worked out great, we achieved what we hoped for and more. Yesterday the track and the obstacles were built and painted by some 40 people till 5 in the morning and today I was so happy for everyone who showed up to enjoy it. I am also really happy for the friends who came from abroad to participate and those who came to watch as spectators. I want to say a lot of thank you to all of you!” As to my own future plans I am ready to come up with more ideas for the next year, but right now I am going to compete myself. The closest event is Red Bull Mini Drome in Edinburgh, of course, that will take place on 17th of May. Photos and videos of the event can be found on Red Bull Content Pool (just search for Red Bull Tru Fix) Photo credits: Andrejs Strokins, Red Bull Content Pool


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