Heavy Criterium Playground Edition


This is a short recap of Heavy Criterium Race in Playground festival 2015.

All pictures and video made by The Great Helmuts Jaunzems Petersons.


About Playground:
Our true nature is to be in nature. It charges us with creative energy and makes us feel alive. It inspires us to jump higher, run faster, sing louder and enjoy the freedom to dance. Indulge your wild nature and for the second year join the forest kingdom to experience three days of sports, music and creativity festival Playground!

Within three days of the festival every visitor was able to participate in 13 different extreme sports disciplines and watched demonstrations of experienced athletes in wakeboard, skateboard, longboard, inline, snowboarding, skimboard, MTB and BMX, SUP, wakeskii, cycling and go-karts. Every single participant was entertained by internationally recognized musicians, guests from Estonia and Lithuania, as well as local groups and Dj.



Heavy_Criterium_Playground-13 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-14 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-15 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-16 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-17 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-18 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-19 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-20 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-21 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-22 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-23 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-24 Heavy_Criterium_Playground-25

Photo: Helmuts Jaunzems Pētersons



Thanks to all riders and everybody who helped organising this event.


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