Heavy dropping soon

We’ve lived a pretty long time without any major news about our tees. So here it goes something very fresh out the box and it’s called Heavy Tru Fix Kru. Why HEAVY? Because it ain’t no bitch ass faggot pussy shit made from cheap promo shirts – it’s a real deal made from scratch in Latvia with pride and real fixed gear attitude. Same old extended back to keep your crack unseen when speeding on the highway at night after a couple of beers straight out the bar. This t shirt will let you pedal faster than you’ve imagined in your wettest dreams. Actually it will add approximately 17 km/h to your speed so you could run away from cops and this shirt will be a pretty good excuse to any of your actions when drunk or stoned. So you have to worry about nothing while wearing this peace of Heavyness. Enough said check out some pictures to get your mind convinced about getting one for yourself. We’ve actually made a pretty limited series of these ones so God only knows when the next ones will drop. Kreklu_Druka (3 of 10) Kreklu_Druka (1 of 10)Kreklu_Druka (2 of 10)Kreklu_Druka (6 of 10)Kreklu_Druka (5 of 10)Kreklu_Druka (10 of 10)Kreklu_Druka (9 of 10)

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