Bombtrack Bicyle Company. No attitude – just ride.

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Bombtrack started as a small brand of fixedgear bikes and has grown into something much bigger today. A company that offers bicycles for every terrain. Bombtrack Gravel and Adventure Bikes like the Hook EXT or the Beyond ADV can be found today at all bikepacking events worldwide like the Tuscany Trail or the Torino-Nice Rally. The team behind Bombtrack has, since their inception, been dedicated to one fundamental rule: only build bikes, frames, parts and accessories that they themselves would love and want to own. And you can see and feel this love for bicycles in every single model of the small brand from Cologne. Bombtrack loves cycling, the fun and satisfaction that every ride brings; to have bikes you can "tinker" and play with, to compete with others, to travel, to make cycling a lifestyle. Only Steel is Real - From Bomtrack's Love of Steel Deeply rooted in the culture and history of cycling, Bombtrack cultivates an intense predilection for steel as a frame material. While other manufacturers advertise year after year with lighter, stiffer and faster bikes made of aluminium and especially carbon, Bombtrack mainly focuses on building charismatic steel bikes. And with success! Even after decades, a steel frame retains the same characteristics as on the first day, giving a very direct and lively riding experience combined with a comfort level never matched by other materials. The good-natured characteristics of a steel frame provide safety and control especially on rough, uncomfortable and difficult tracks. And last but not least, a steel frame is almost indestructible and especially suitable for crazy bike projects and races. And among us cyclists - let's be honest: There is really hardly anything more aesthetic than the filigree look of a timelessly beautiful steel frame. Despite all the enthusiasm, Bombtrack is not limited by its own preferences; the interest in other materials, as well as in different areas of cycling, is just as great. Therefore Bombtrack also uses materials such as aluminium or carbon for some models. At Bombtrack, we attach great importance to developing the frames and wheels down to the smallest detail and with great love. The aim is not to design commercial bicycles that are suitable for the masses and serve as a means to an end or a piece of jewellery, but to address a target group that identifies with both the cycling culture and the brand itself. Bombtrack cultivates an intensive exchange with the community through social media, which is both an inspiration and motivation for new developments. Always with the premise of remaining true to its own ideals and not bending over backwards for the market. Cyclocross & Gravel: Bombtrack Hook & Tension Bombtrack's Cyclocross and Gravel models stand for versatility and durability. Born out of the mud, the Cyclocross machine Tension is your race-oriented all-purpose weapon for the cross season - and you have the choice: the Tension 1 and 2 models come with hydroformed aluminum frames, the Tension C with an uncompromising carbon frame. A sporty gravel bike with roots in cyclocross is the Bombtrack Hook. A fast geometry clad in a steel frame or, in the case of the Hook EXT-C, a carbon frame with allround adjustments. The most popular Bombtrack Gravel Bike is also a real jack of all trades: Whether as a sporty commuter bike or for rough weekend trips, whether with 28" or 650B tyres, whether clean or fully equipped with luggage racks and mudguards - thanks to sliding dropouts and numerous preparations for luggage extensions, the Arise is ready for any adventure. The fast Bombtrack Audax comes in steel or aluminum variants and is ready to take on the toughest conditions with disc brakes, decent tire clearance and 650B wheels. Adventure & Touring: Bombtrack Beyond & Arise The Drop Bar Bike Arise Tour, which is fully equipped for a long journey, presents itself beautifully and in a classic garment. With its elegant tube carriers, high-quality hub dynamo lighting from Supernova and classic handlebar end shifters, this is the perfect bike to escape from the everyday. If you don't know more about your route than that it should take you far away into the unknown, the Beyond is the bike that was born specifically for this purpose. Ultra-stable, balanced, light and made for a high payload, the Beyond is the perfect expedition machine and won't let you down off the beaten track. And so that the kids can ride along, Bombtrack has equipped the Beyond Junior with 24" wheels, drop bar and a lightweight aluminum frame. Mountain: Bombtrack Cale & Beyond+ Bombtrack now has the right solution even for the most impassable surfaces in the form of suitable mountain bikes that are ready for any obstacle. In addition to the Beyond+ models with Drop Bar, Bombtrack also presents the Hardtail Cale with its contemporary trail geometry, which is particularly suitable for long distances and shows its strengths on technical tracks. Urban: Bombtrack Outlaw & Munroe Cargo With the practical Urban bikes from Bombtrack, commuting is a real pleasure: Belt drive, front rack and generous 650B tires make the Bombtrack Outlaw a low-maintenance urban cruiser with eye-catching qualities. The Munroe Cargo is your bike option for weekend shopping for the whole family. The 20" front wheel allows a load of 30kg. on the front rack and the 27.5" rear wheel again provides a balanced ride comfort.