Beat Thirst with the Camelbak Drinking Bottle.

The idea for the Camelbak drinking bottle came to Michael Eidson in 1988 during a cycling race in Texas. The avid cyclist discovered there were far too few water filling stations on the 100-mile-long racetrack to brave the Texan sun. So, in an extremely innovative way, he quickly fashioned himself the first hydration backpack using an IV bag, a sock and a thin tube. This is how the idea for the Camelbak bottle was born. A Drinking Idea Becomes Reality Despite the ingenious innovation, this first instance of hands-free hydration is worlds apart from the brand’s current success. Jeff Wemmer, later Eidson's partner witnessed the creation of the product and was equally as passionate about it. In 1993, during a difficult time for the young start-up, he sold items from the seat of his motorcycle, which he drove to all bicycle shops from Florida to California. Today Camelbak is a renowned manufacturer of innovative BPA-free drinking bottles. The assortment ranges from functional drinking bottles for everyday life, to practical models for outdoor use, to special drinking water solutions for competitive sports. In addition to cycling, this now also includes many other sports such as running or hiking. The range is complemented by the versatile Camelbak backpack and various bags. Camelbak also offer the Ultra Pro Vest which is a highly functional hydration vest with special extra features. The Camelbak Drinking Bottle for the Bike In addition to the many versions of the drinking bottle, Camelbak’s drinking water solutions also include the Camelbak hydration bladder and the Camelbak hydration backpack. The clever systems offer the right solution for many demands and requirements in the sports sector. This still applies specifically to cycling. The Camelbak Podium is a classic that’s popular with the professionals. In addition to the high quality and functionality of the bottle itself, the optimised fit also plays a decisive role. It fits in many of the numerous bottle cages so that the Camelbak drinking bottle can be easily and simply attached to the bike. Another popular model is the Camelbak Chute, which is more of an all-rounder and generally does well outdoors – but is also great on a bike. Characteristics and Features of the Camelbak Drinking Bottle Here you’ll find a list of the characteristics and features of the Camelbak's drinking bottles, so you know exactly what to expect. These depend heavily on the respective product, especially since each design has special technologies to meet different needs. However, the following aspects are widespread and somewhat characteristic across the brand: High leakage security thanks to the special locking system A slim, easy-to-grasp bottle design Easy to squeeze BPA-free Double wall insulation for good cooling Easy to clean Something more Special – Innovative Drinking In addition to special systems for hands-free drinking, Camelbak also offer special drinking bottles that allow you to drink without lifting your head. This works on the straw principle, where the bottle is opened by biting. This is a practical tool, particularly for racing cyclists, so their ride and speed are impacted as little as possible. There are also models designed for the younger generation. In addition to the quality and functionality of all the brand's products, the Camelbak drinking bottles for children are particularly child-friendly with engaging designs such as colourful motifs of animals or unicorns.