QUOC exists to get more people on bikes through better shoes and better ride experiences. But before ‘QUOC’, the brand, came Quoc, the man: a cyclist and fashion school graduate who in 2009, simply set out to design a pair of shoes that he himself wanted to wear.

Founded in 2009, QUOC is an independent, British brand with a 12-year history designing high-performance, comfort-driven shoes. Challenging conventional parameters of cycling footwear, we spent a decade hand-crafting our last; refining every last millimetre to arrive at a near-personalised fit for each and every rider. We know that cycling can unlock a host of mental and physical benefits that are unique to every rider. What is universal is that cycling facilitates a return to simplicity in which we can find contentment. That's why we make shoes that entirely remove obstructions, driven by a desire to simplify the ride and spread the enjoyment of cycling to as many people as possible.