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Whether it’s the Tour de France or Mountain Bike World Cup, a serene stretch of asphalt or your first feeling of tires on dirt, SRAM’s mission is to provide purpose-built and inspiring components for the way you ride. SRAM is constantly searching for the antidote to complexity through better ergonomics, function and performance. From eTap® to Eagle™, HRD to Code, SRAM brings more value to your ride. SRAM: Incremental enhancements. Perpetual improvements. Revolutionary Innovation. SRAM was founded in 1987 by Scott King, Stan Ray Day and Sam Patterson in Chicago and initially made a name for itself with the popular Grip Shifts. In the mid-1990s SRAM began to produce rear derailleurs that used a 1:1 ratio instead of the previously used 1:2 ratio, i.e. the rear derailleur moved as far as the cable. SRAM called this technology, now used in a modified form under the name of EXACT ACTUATION, ESP and therefore enables simpler gear changes with less effort. SRAM also consistently pushed ahead with the development of its braking and shifting systems by adding innovative brands to the SRAM family. In 1997, for example, the bicycle division of the German hub manufacturer Sachs was acquired. Since 2002 SRAM did not only take over the suspension fork and damper manufacturer RockShox, but also the brands Avid, Truvativ, ZIPP and Quarq. In 2006, with the Force and Rival, SRAM built in addition to MTB groups also road gear groups for the first time. And in 2016 SRAM introduced the first wireless shifting system. SRAM eTap, SRAM AXS & SRAM Eagle - Technologies for the Best Riding Experience Especially in the drivetrain sector, SRAM has repeatedly set new standards in terms of simplicity, versatility and performance. From the GX, XX1 or X01 Eagle series for MTB to the Force and RED eTap road bike groups, the Americans know how to convince with enormous bandwidth and smooth shifting on their 1x12 drives. The transmission range is also increased by a small sprocket with only 10 teeth. SRAM has already revolutionized the market of electronic gears with the wireless shifting of the RED eTap. This was soon followed by the next innovation stage: SRAM AXS. In addition to the groups SRAM RED, Force, XX1 and X01 Eagle, the GX Eagle drivetrain system is now also available with that technology, which gives you an incomparable, never before seen electronic shifting experience. The individual components can be personalized down to the last detail with the AXS App and it is even possible to combine road bike and MTB components without any problems. SRAM Force eTap AXS – Control. Personalize. Monitor. SRAM GX Eagle AXS: Your New Riding Budy in the AXS Universe With the new GX Eagle AXS 12-speed MTB gear SRAM now brings the Eagle AXS wireless masterpiece to your bike. The GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur is thanks to overload clutch protection and an enormous range of 10-52 sprockets your robust workhorse on the rear. In cooperation with the adjustable GX Eagle AXS controllers, it ensures even in the roughest terrain a fast and precise shifting. Of course, rear derailleur and shifter are easily compatible with all sprockets of the SRAM Eagle Ecosystem. And thanks to the AXS App, there are no limits in the programming and personalization of your SRAM and RockShox components. SRAM GX Eagle AXS: Your New Riding Budy in the AXS Universe SRAM GX X01 & XX1 Eagle: Full Range with 52 Teeth Steep ramps finally lose their fear factor, because SRAM offers you an impressive bandwidth update with the brand new 10-52 teeth cassettes for the Eagle groupsets GX, X01 and XX1. To cope with the generous 520 percent overall gear ratio, SRAM has also upgraded the GX, XX1 and X01 Eagle rear derailleurs. The clou: the updated rear derailleurs are, besides their improved shifting performance, also backwards compatible, harmonizing with the well-known 10-50T cassettes. The Eagle series also features a new colour concept. Across all groups you can now choose from four stylish chain and cassette colours to individualise your rear derailleur group. Last but not least, SRAM has completely redesigned the affordable SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain and given it a noble and light carbon crank. SRAM X01 Eagle - Full Range with 52 Teeth SRAM Force eTap AXS: More uphill than ever! SRAM adopts the X-range bandwidth, advanced chain management and easy customization of the RED eTap AXS, for the more affordable Force groupset. But that's not all. SRAM has made their wireless shifting system even more suitable for gravel or all-road use and has increased the bandwidth of the SRAM Force eTap AXS: The new 43/30 teeth chainring gradation in combination with the wide front derailleur allows for even more tire clearance. And together with the SRAM Force XG-1270 cassette with 10-36 teeth, you are perfectly equipped to maintain your optimum cadence even on the steepest ascents. The new Force eTap AXS rear derailleur, with a maximum sprocket compatibility of 36 teeth, offers the necessary compatibility for large cassettes.