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Achieve Your Training Goals Smartly Bad weather, coldness or simply not enough time – there could be many reasons why you would skip your cycling tour or outdoor workout. With a Tacx indoor cycling trainer these problems will become a thing of the past. The Wheel-On Basic trainers, such as the Tacx Booster with manual resistance control, offer you an ideal start into indoor training. And with a smart trainer like the app-controlled Tacx Neo 2T your home training will become a real experience. For proper hydration during your indoor and outdoor training you can use Tacx water bottles and bottle cages. From a Small Bicycle Repair Shop to a Big Trendsetter for Cycle Trainers When the small bicycle store in Wassenaar, the Netherlands, opened in 1957, no one had any idea that today's cycling professionals and athletes from all over the world would trust in Tacx roller trainers. But one thing at a time - the range of products offered by the bicycle store founded by Koos Tacx Senior grew steadily as the bicycle-loving founder was also an inventor. Already in the 1960s he had a flash of inspiration that heralded a revolution in cycling training. He designed the principle of the bike roller, a training device consisting of three parallel frame mounted rollers on which you can ride without going anywhere for warm-ups or winter season training. In the following years, the so-called wheel-on or roller unit trainer was derived from the bike roller - for an easier start into training. The Dutch manufacturer reached a further milestone in 2000 with the presentation of the first smart, computer-controlled indoor cycle trainers. They are the basis for the current Direct-Drive trainers. Tacx Antares bike roller perfectly suited for track cyclists and classic indoor training Tacx Bike Trainers - Demanding Training and Virtual Adventures Anyone who has set up a Tacx indoor cycling trainer at home knows the attraction that such training equipment has on visitors and guests. No matter what age or fitness level, most people want to try and as soon as you start your virtual racing App on the TV or tablet they don't want to stop. Questions like: "Do I need a specific bicycle for this?" or "How much does a trainer cost?" will be asked. To answer these and other questions we would like to introduce you to the Tacx cycle trainers. Tacx Basic – Your Start into the World of Indoor Cycle Training The Tacx Basic trainers are the perfect solution to get started in home cycling training or to warm up before the race. In addition to a wide range of training possibilities they also offer an excellent price-performance ratio. The wheel-on trainers, which clamp a regular bicycle at the rear wheel, convince with their sturdy folding frames, vibration-absorbing Elastogel steel rollers and manually adjustable magnetic resistance units. The Tacx Basic models differ in maximum resistance performance, resistance adjustment and in the scope of delivery. The Tacx Booster roller trainer is the flagship of the Basic series. It features a large flywheel and a maximum of 1050 watt resistance that can be comfortably adjusted from the handle bars. If you don't need that much power, you can really save money with the Basic Blue models, such as the Motion or Twist, and still enjoy the benefits of home training. For track cyclists and fans of classic cycling training, the series is completed by the Tacx Galaxia and Antares bike rollers. Basic Blue Motion - Your entry into the world of TACX cycle trainers The Pros and Cons of the Tacx Basic Trainers Pro Contra Standalone – no power supply needed Stepped, manual resistance control No electric circuits that can cause malfunction High-level of operating noise and vibrations ► special floor mats can reduce this Really affordable Perhaps not enough resistance power for active cycling athletes For the reason of tire abrasion a special trainer tire is recommended Tacx Smart – Enjoy Cycling Adventures at Home! The Tacx Smart trainers make your training even more varied and make you almost forget that you are actually training indoors. Thanks to software controlled resistance units with wireless connectivity you can connect your Tacx Smart Trainer to your smartphone, tablet, TV or PC and use training apps like Tacx, Zwift or Sufferfest, among others. These apps can simulate route profiles with a very high level of realism and after you have successfully completed your training you will also receive a comprehensive training analysis and recommendations for improving your performance. You can enter the world of Tacx Smart trainers with the Satori, with which you will be able to adjust the resistance from the handlebars according to the recommendations of your training software. The wheel-on trainers Tacx Flow and Vortex are the mid-range trainers with automatic resistance adjustment. However, the top of the line are the Direct-Drive cycle trainers, the most advanced of which is the Neo 2T. Tacx Direct-Drive Cycle Trainers Tacx Neo 2T an interactive bike trainer that allows you to win races at home Direct-Drive bicycle trainers provide a road-like driving experience thanks to better power transmission. Instead of at the rear wheel, the trainer, which is equipped with its own cassette, is connected to the bike at the rear dropouts of your bike; tire abrasion or loud noises adieu! Furthermore, thanks to maximum resistances of up to 2200 watts, the Tacx Direct-Drive Smart trainers form the ideal basis for holistic cycling training with intervals, sprints and realistic climbing sections. Let us start with the entry model Tacx Flux S. Its resistance unit still delivers an impressive 1500 watts at 40 km/h. It is electromagnetically controlled and accurately measures your performance with only 3% deviation. Its big brother, the Flux 2 Smart, offers five hundred of watts on top and even more precision. The Tacx Neo 2T is the ultimate solution for your indoor training. Its special motor brake, combined with a complex sensor system for pedal analysis and more, adjusts the resistance for a perfect real-world simulation. Another unique selling point is the gentle motor support downhill and when rolling without pedaling on the straight. Despite its stability, the special frame construction also offers a pleasant lateral flex when you are pedaling out of the saddle and can be folded up to save space. A Pros and Cons List of the Tacx Smart Direct Drive Trainers Pro Contra Quiet and low vibration Higher price-point No tire abrasion or „slipping” Need for an extra cassette or freehub body Uphill and even downhill simulations¹ close to reality Only Top model Neo 2T is standalone² Smart training software providing workouts and training plans ¹only for Neo 2T Smart ²without power supply no motor support in downhills Fascinating Training with the Tacx App In order to experience the advantages of virtual cycling from the start, you will receive a 1-month premium membership for the Tacx App with all Tacx Smart trainers. This app, available for PC or Smartphone, is both a trainer and a training companion. First, you have to create a suitable workout or choose a training film from countless classics and fantastic routes. Then you are ready to face the challenge supported by the app. You can also compete against friends with Tacx Smart cycle trainers based on GPS profiles. During the ride, the Tacx app shows your performance data on screen in head-up style: speed, power, cadence and optionally your heart rate. Tacx Bottles and Cages – the First Choice of Professional Cycling Teams Most cyclists probably already used a Tacx water bottle without knowing it. For years Tacx has been an important licensing partner of professional cycling teams such as Bora hansgrohe and Deceuninck Quick-Step, many popular bike equipment manufacturers and theme partners. The handy bottles are made of BPA free, biodegradable plastic. To ensure that your Tacx water bottle can provide enough hydration during the ride and to ensure optimal handling, you should transport it in a Tacx bottle cage. The colorful range from the carbon bottle cage Ciro to the extremely versatile Radar Side-Load cage includes something for almost any taste.