Red Hook Crit London No.1

Saturday in Greenwich Peninsula there was the first Red Hook Criterium London edition. There were almost 300 cyclists from around the world. Thousands of spectators enjoyed this unbelievable riders cycling speed and handling skills in the 1.1km circuit.

Congrats William Guzman who took first place in the men’s race after a fourth place finish in Brooklyn back in April. The women’s race won Ainara Elbusto Arteaga, she was the RHC winner in Brooklyn as well.

Here’s the TruFixKru’s photo recap of the Red Hook Crit London No.1.

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0227Dave Noakes

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0216 Sim Gomok

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0224Edgars Aizbalts

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0233Team “DISORDERLY HABBITS


RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0279 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0280Yvo Kinkel (team FAST Amsterdam)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0283O’Conord Charlie

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0285Team “POLOANDBIKE” & “Ird Aw Lab Squadra Corse

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0312Men’s Qualifying Group 1

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0319Team “POLOANDBIKE

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0333Alfred Bobe Jr. and “Team Cinelli Chrome

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0341Yvo Kinkel (team FAST Amsterdam)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0355Mr. BOBE on the course

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0359Looks like the race is done.

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0379There was some crash for team “Back2Back

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0412 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0422Team “POLOANDBIKE

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0431 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0458Ird Aw Lab Squadra Corse

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0511 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0574 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0588 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0592Warming up those big legs ( “POLOANDBIKE“)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0471 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0485 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0496Francesco Martucci (team “Back2Back“)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0507Addison Zawada on his flying lap

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0621Paolo Bravini

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0604Maria Jatkovics (team “Fixedpott“)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0606Fleur Faure (team POLOANDBIKE) is going for another attack  of the Red Hook Criterium London No.1.

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0658The men’s race is on.

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0696 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0740Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: William Guzman (PR) & Ainara Elbusto Arteaga (ES)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_07461st Lap (Breakfast prime): Mario Paz Duque (CO)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0752Halfway (Dinner prime): Nicolas Variani (IT) & Ainara Elbusto Arteaga (ES)

RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0775 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0783 RedHook_criterium_2015DSC_0787Rockstar Top Antagonist: Addison Zawada (19th place) (US)

Men’s Results

1.     William Guzman (PR)
2.     Mario Paz Duque (CO)
3.     Thibaud Lhenry (FR)
4.     Ivan Ravaioli (IT)
5.     Fabio Scazaratti (IT)
6.     Augusto Reati (IT)
7.     Daniele Callegarin (IT)
8.     Zac Felpel (US)
9.     Roberto Barone (IT)
10.   Raul Torres Pagaza (MX) 

1st Lap (Breakfast prime): Mario Paz Duque (CO)
Halfway (Dinner prime): Nicolas Variani (IT)
Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: William Guzman (PR)
Rockstar Top Antagonist: Addison Zawada (19th place) (US)

Women’s Results 1.     Ainara Elbusto Arteaga (ES) 2.     Kacey Lloyd (US) 3.     Ash Duban (US) 4.     Sammi Runnels (US) 5.     Fleur Faure (FR) 6.     Jo Celso (US) 7.     Jo Smith (GB) 8.     Gretchen Stumhofer (US) 9.     Keira McVitty (GB) 10.   Stefania Baldi (IT)

1st Lap (Breakfast prime): Jo Smith (GB) Halfway (Dinner prime): Ainara Elbusto Arteaga (ES) Fastest Lap Qualifying Time: Ainara Elbusto Arteaga (ES) Rockstar Top Antagonist: Fleur Faure (FR)

See ya in Barcelona..

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