Cinelli Hobootleg
2020 Interrail


The hybrid model of the Hobo range, Interrail is born from the desire to face up the most impervious beaten paths.
Fast on the dirt road, essential in the concept, it is the best way to find out what kind of bicycle traveller you are.
The native geometry of Hobo meets the disc brakes and borrows the fork from Hobo GEO, lightened in the materials but not limited in the load capacity.
Assembled with 1X transmission (Front derailleur free) to emphasize the essentiality and freshness. The H-double-tube- handlebar, already appreciated by travellers all over the world, guarantees a series of handle positions capable to functionally change the rider posture, varying between comfort, power take-off and more aerodynamic position; the advanced double tube also offers the possibility to mount the large number of travel accessories and handlebar bags offered by the market.