Velo Orange Utility Riser Bar

Monthly payment from 8.84 / 24 months

180.00 inc. VAT

The Utility Bar is the base of our Utility System. With the bar’s integrated alien-eye mounts, you can add a Utility Rack (sold separately) to the front and your favorite bottle cages on the back. Or put bottle cages all around! Part of the fun (for us) is to see what fun and imaginative uses you can find for all of the mounting points on the bars.

The Utility Bar and Rack system is possibly VO’s greatest answer to “how can I put a rack on my bike?” Simply strap your backpack, favorite 12 pack beverage, or cycling bag onto your rack and cinch it down. No need for forks made for racks, p-clamps, or the like. If you have a 31.8mm stem clamp, these will work!