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Heavy dropping soon

We’ve lived a pretty long time without any major news about our tees. So here it goes something very fresh out the box and it’s called Heavy Tru Fix Kru. Why HEAVY? Because it ain’t no bitch ass faggot pussy shit made from cheap promo shirts – it’s a real deal made from scratch in […]

TFK x PEŠA Leather Wallet

HOW IT’S MADE AND WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT!? First of all these wallets are made by PEŠA in collaboration with Tru Fix Kru. As many of you already know brand PEŠA stands for Solid Hand Made. All items are hand made with care and real bad ass attitude in Latvia. These peaces of beauty are being […]

Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Premiere

It’s that time of the year when we finally got our hands on one of the gnarliest Fixed Freestyle movies ever. CAN’T FOOL THE YOUTH 3 jess it is. Presented by Chop’em Down Films straight out of the USA. Also we’ll show some of the hottest peaces of fixed gear riding from Latvian local hero’s and as […]

Ērenpreiss Yardsale 2014

Fun fun fun it ‘s all about fun and that’s what’s happening in average place in an average yard on an avarage day. Ērenpreiss turned this place totally upside down. A presentation of two Latvian historic but nowadays built bikes was the reason of gathering. Boss is on the right Hi Toms Ērenpreiss Sprīdeats Openbikes Cops having […]