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Brūklene 100Km Coffee Challenge.

Beidzot ir iestājies pavasaris un visiem ir sen zināms fakts, ka visīstākie pavasara vēstneši ir krokusiņi, sniegpulkstenītes un, protams, velobraucēji. Un tāpēc, kā jau ierasts, arī šajā pavasarī “Brūklene” pasludina par atklātu jauno “100Km Coffee Challenge”! Noteikumi nemainās un ir gaužām vienkārši – nomin nieka 100km, par ko mēs tevi atalgosim un uzcienāsim ar gardu […]

TFK Alleycat 2017 #1 Spring Recap

TFK Alleycat 2017 #1 Spring Recap It was pleasure to witness a wild bike race in the streets of Riga. The event gathered riders with a lot of guts, stamina and dedication both – guys and ladies. The distance throughout the checkpoints was not the most hardcore but most definitely very contrasty and different from each other. […]

Red Hook Crit London No.1

Saturday in Greenwich Peninsula there was the first Red Hook Criterium London edition. There were almost 300 cyclists from around the world. Thousands of spectators enjoyed this unbelievable riders cycling speed and handling skills in the 1.1km circuit. Congrats William Guzman who took first place in the men’s race after a fourth place finish in Brooklyn back in April. The women’s race won Ainara Elbusto Arteaga, she […]

Minidrome Riga 2015

Riga is all about them bikes. Last week especially since it was the Riga Bicycle Week 2015 organised by enthusiasts of cycling and other cool people. Minidrome was another spectacular event last week. It was held outside at Monsterpark. Pretty crowded i must say. Maybe not the biggest amount of participants but no doubt one of the […]

Heavy Goldsprint Recap

Due to the Riga Bicycle Week 2015 we had the honour to organise Gold-Sprint event in our dear Shop/Cafe “Brūklene”.  The event itself gathered a lot of pretty advanced hardcore riders from different biking scenes. Ladies pushing the limit Alsbergs VS Alsbergs The Brothers Challange Kristaps pushing the face to the max Nice shoes ;) NAKED […]

My shades – my life, my life – my kaif

Guys talking…. A: “What do you need to go really fast?” T: “Like what do you mean fast? Like fast fast?” A: “Yeah fast fast like really fast.” T: “I don’t know, maybe couple of pairs of some badass OAKLEY shades would be cool.” After couple of days…….. PHOTO: ARTURS PAVLOVS

Heavy dropping soon

We’ve lived a pretty long time without any major news about our tees. So here it goes something very fresh out the box and it’s called Heavy Tru Fix Kru. Why HEAVY? Because it ain’t no bitch ass faggot pussy shit made from cheap promo shirts – it’s a real deal made from scratch in […]

TFK x PEŠA Leather Wallet

HOW IT’S MADE AND WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT IT!? First of all these wallets are made by PEŠA in collaboration with Tru Fix Kru. As many of you already know brand PEŠA stands for Solid Hand Made. All items are hand made with care and real bad ass attitude in Latvia. These peaces of beauty are being […]