Tru Fix Kru: From taggers to brand owners

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It all started when each of us made a fixie, well, we designed them. Today we remember those days with a laugh, but back then we were real proud of our rides.The fixie era had just started in our hometown of Riga. As we ran the city, we soon realized that we need/want to somehow be seen and felt even when we’re not there, we wanted the city to see that this is the place we hang or this is the path we race on. The only way we knew to make it happen was to do a little tagging as we race the streets or when we have a beer after. We decided that a sticker is our way to go…

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We asked our tattoo-artist Jancis form Rīgas Tinte to lend us a hand and some of his talent – we had a logo. It was after the logo was done when PavLove thought of the name – and Tru Fix Kru was born.

Pockets full of stickers and head determined to tag the shit out of the city we rode of to the streets with sun setting over us. The feeling of freedom was magical. And people loved the logo! The first batch of the stickers melted like ice cream on a hot summer day. And we were proud of that.

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As Toms was already a Red Bull Minidrome champ from Poland, PavLove being a notorious club photographer and me (Ingemārs) a locally known barista and all of us were regular party animals, somehow the fame started to stick and we became recognized through out the bike scene. Next on our list was a Tee nothing exorbitant, just something to wear and represent when on or of the bike. People, who didn’t know us, knew the sticker and visa versa. So we figured, it’s time to put a face to those sticker.

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All of a sudden every one around us, both in real life and socially, wanted a Tee with our logo.
And the brand was born.
Upon the launch of the page we are the local T-Shirt bestseller with a wish to dominate the world, a lot of collaborations and even more in mind, so stay tuned…

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We’re just warming up!!!




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